Our Approach


Offer standard service

Before the prototype is done, we want to mow your lawn and earn your business!


Learn residential lawncare

We want to figure out what kind of difficulties our robot is going to face by mowing your lawn by hand.


Complete the prototype

In the meantime, while we're mowing your lawn by hand, we're working in the background to finish the goat.


Integrate autonomy

When we finish the prototype, we're going to slowly integrate it into our customer's lawns.

Get quoted

Join the beta program by contacting us to cut your lawn! We're cutting lawns as a standard service before the prototype has been completed and offer competitive pricing.

Going green right now

During the initial phase of our beta program we're utilizing standard gas powered commercial mowers but have selected to use electric trimmers and blowers to reduce our lawn-care related environmental footprint.

Our long-term goal is for all of our equipment, including vehicles, to be electric.
We've partnered with local property management company Appreciate to cut lawns for some of their property owners in an effort to bootstrap out beta program.