cleaner air one mow at a time.

At Ruminant Robotics Inc. we’re on a mission to lower the ever-increasing cost of residential lawn care service with purpose-built autonomous lawn mowers. And we’re going green - they’re electric.


" Ruminants (suborder Ruminantia) are hoofed herbivorous grazing or browsing mammals that are able to acquire nutrients from plant-based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach prior to digestion, principally through microbial actions. " image

no gas.

Cows don't drink gasoline. Machines shouldn't either.

California has the most number of motor vehicles in the United States and one of the fewest houses (lawns)/per capita making it a good candidate to look at a worst-case comparison between the impact of lawn equipment and cars on the environment. By electrifying our machines we are reducing the on-site emissions and the overall impact lawn care has on the environment.



million registered vehicles in the state of California according to the DMV , the most of any state in the United States.


tons/day of reactive organic gases produced by motor vehicles as measured by CARB in the state of California.


million housing units in the state of California according to the US Census .


tons/day of reactive organic gases generated by small off-road engines, such as those used in lawn-care equipment, according to CARB .


Cows are actually pretty expensive. So is lawn care.

Having professionals cut your residential lawn has become astronomically expensive over the last two decades. At Ruminant we believe this is something we can alleviate by subsidizing our labor with autonomous machines. The reduction in cost we provide makes it easier to justify hiring lawn care service and allows you to reap the associated time savings without regretting the expense.



Cows (and goats) don't stop for a lunch break. They're eating grass all day.

Energy All day

Our goat only lays down at night when it's time to recharge. The battery and internal systems have been designed to run from dawn to dusk.

hard working

Designed to be more resilient than standard commercial machines.

Safety First

The goat has an array of advanced sensors that are observing all the time and can quickly detect obstacles compared to a human operator who may not always be paying attention.

Better time Efficiency

The goat maximizes the time it's at your property with smart path planning computed ahead of our visit.

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